Glow Party Supplies

Glow Party Supplies

Most children’s parties have themes and Glow theme is one of the most popular kids birthday party themes in the recent times. Having a Glow theme makes it easier for you to plan your child’s party because it narrows down your options. Now organizing kids’ birthday party is fun and easy because Glow Party Supplies are available online.

Create your Glow Party Menu

Cake is a must-have in any party, especially in children’s party and for our party the cake must be based on Glow. You can bake the Glow cake yourself. Or you can order a Glow cake from your local bakery. You can purchase cake toppers from Glow Party Supplies stores. For other foods, you can order pizza or prepare sandwiches as these would go well with Glow party. Spaghetti, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, chips and dips, and barbecue are fun foods in Glow birthday party for kids. Do not forget the drinks for Glow fans. You can prepare fruit juice or punch in a big bowl or you can serve Kool-Aid for colorful drinks while matching the flavor color with Glow theme.

Inviting the Guests for the Glow Birthday Party

You need to invitations that match your Glow theme. You don’t have to make Glow Invitations yourself (even if you are crafty). You don’t even have to download printable Glow invites online. You don’t even have to buy a pack of Glow invitations from a party supply store. Very cute Glow invitations are included in Glow Party Supplies packs. You just have to make sure that you have written down all the necessary details on Glow Invitations. Just make sure to fill out date, time, venue, attire or costume, and your contact number on Glow Party invitations. You can also include a map if you are going to have the Glow party in a rented venue.

Schedule and Venue for Glow Birthday Party

You need to pick a schedule and venue for the Glow Birthday Party several weeks in advance. Choose a schedule when your child’s friends (Glow fans) are available, especially when they are already of school age. Saturday morning is a great time for Glow themed kids’ parties. For the venue, you can have Glow party in your own house or yard if you have a big space. Or you can rent a hall if you have enough budget, and you are planning to invite many guests for your Glow Birthday Party. Decorations are already included in Glow party supplies.

Glow Party Supplies

Glow party supplies are available in different packs. Depending on your need, you just have to choose from basic, deluxe and ultimate Glow party packs. You can also personalize Glow party supplies with your text.

Glow Party Packs

Glow Basic Party Pack

This pack features Glow themed place settings for eight guests. Each Glow basic party pack includes eight dinner plates, desert plates and cups. Also included are eight spoons, forks and knives and twenty napkins; all in Glow theme-matching colors. A plastic table cover is also present that compliments the Glow theme.

Glow Deluxe Party Pack

This Glow themed deluxe party pack includes table settings for eight guests along with a personalized banner. Each Glow deluxe party pack features eight dinner and dessert plates, twenty napkins and eight cups. Also included are eight spoons, forks and knives, one plastic table cover and twenty four Candy Stripe Candles. Two Crepe Streamers (81 feet each) and one Vinyl Personalized Banner are also present in Glow Deluxe Party Pack.

Glow Ultimate Party Pack

This Glow Ultimate Party Pack comes with eight place settings along with a personalized vinyl banner. Each Glow themed Ultimate Party Pack features Invitations, Hot/Cold Cups, dinner and dessert plates (eight each). A set of 24 Plastic Cutlery (8 forks, 8 spoons, 8 knives), a personalized vinyl banner and Plastic Table Cover are also included in this Glow birthday party pack. Twelve Latex Balloons, 66 feet of Curling Ribbon, 2 sets of 81 feet Crepe Streamer, Candy Stripe Candles, six Foil Balloon Weights and Twirly Whirlys are also present in this Glow birthday pack. Almost all the Glow Party Supplies that you’ll need are present in this pack.

These Glow Party Supplies will make planning a stylish birthday celebration both easy and affordable.

Other Glow Party Supplies

There are some other party supplies are either not present in Glow party packs or you may want to order them to entertain extra guests. Those Glow Party Supplies can be bought separately.

Glow Tableware

  • Glow Dinner Plates.
  • Glow Dessert Plates.
  • Glow Luncheon Napkins.
  • Glow Beverage Napkins.
  • Glow Cups.
  • Glow Table Cover.
  • Glow Cutlery.
  • Glow Paper Straws.

Glow Invites and Thank Yous

  • Glow Invitations.
  • Glow Personalized Photo Cards.
  • Glow Stationery Card Invitations.

Glow Decorations

  • Glow Personalized Banner.
  • Glow Personalized Yard Signs.
  • Glow Twirly Whirlys.
  • Glow Crepe Streamers.

Glow Balloons

  • Glow Mylar Balloons.
  • Glow simple balloons.
  • Glow Latex Balloons.
  • Glow Solid Metallic color Latex Balloons.
  • Glow Foil Balloon Weights.
  • Glow Curling Ribbons.

Glow Favors

  • Glow Personalized Favor Boxes.
  • Glow Favor Packs.
  • Glow DIY Favor Bag Kits.
  • Glow Loot Bags.
  • Glow Tattoo.
  • Glow Stadium Cups.
  • Glow Inflatable Toys.
  • Glow Stickers.
  • Glow Blowouts.
  • Glow Skateboards.
  • Glow Masks.
  • Glow Foam Stars.
  • Glow Personalized Candy Bars.
  • Glow Personalized Milk Chocolate Lollypops.
  • Glow Personalized Rainbow Swirl Lollypops.
  • Glow Personalized Water Bottle Labels.
  • Glow Personalized Glass Bottle Labels.
  • Glow Personalized candy Jars.

Glow Activities

  • Glow Pinata.
  • Glow Pinata Fillers.
  • Glow Pinata Busters.

Glow Cake Supplies

  • Glow Cupcake Rings.
  • Glow Personalized Cupcake Wrappers.
  • Glow Sweet Servers.
  • Glow Party Sparklers.
  • Glow Candy Stripe Candles.
  • Glow Thin Sparkler Candles.

Games and Activities for Glow Birthday Party

While the early birds are waiting for the Glow party to start, you should have something prepared to keep them from getting bored. You can put crayons and coloring pages on each table or simple art projects related to Glow theme that they can do. You should pick games that are appropriate for the child’s age and related to Glow, if possible. Do not forget the prizes for the winners and non-winners as well and also their Glow favor boxes when it is time to say goodbye.

You can make any birthday you celebrate fun and memorable with Glow Party Supplies.